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Wordless Wednesday : End of Summer in Montreal

Summer 2011, Montreal, Canada ❤

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Wordless Wednesday : Lemur & Lynx

Pictures from my visit at Montreal’s Biodôme, in 2008. I’m going back tomorrow with a friend, I can’t wait! 🙂

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Not here, nor there : Montreal’s Chinatown

On a beautiful summer night a few days ago, the Man of the House and I had the occasion to go eat downtown with some friends. We went to a little Chinese restaurant that we love, and since we arrived there a little earlier than planned, we had some time to walk and enjoy Chinatown.

Montreal’s Chinatown is a really small area of our big city, filled with little shops and restaurants selling all kinds of things.

In the summer, these little stores explode on the crowded street with their tables filled with treasures of all sorts : figurines, hats, fans, bags, bracelets, spoons, there’s a little of everything.

I’ll admit, it’s a bit too crowded for my taste – I’ve never been comfotable when squeezed among huge amounts of people. But I love the place : stepping onto that little street in Chinatown transports me into another world, a world that is not here (Montreal), nor there (China), but somewhere in between.

Wordless Wednesday : “La Fermière” by Alfred Laliberté

La Fermière is a sculptural fountain realized by Alfred Laliberté in 1915, and located at the Marché Maisonneuve in Montreal. You can see the woman farmer on the top, young men struggling with animals at the center, and turtles splashing water all around. It is a most appropriate sculpture for the market 🙂

Photographed by me on July 17th.

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Wordless Wednesday : Church in Winter

Christ Church on Ste-Catherine, Montreal, February 2011.

These pictures don’t show it, but the Church is located downtown, amid glass buildings and shops. It really stands out there, so even though I’m not a religious person, I love to admire it when we go by.

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