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Wordless Wednesday : Eggnog and Meringues for the Holidays

‘ Tis the season to fill our bellies!

Homemade eggnog with cinnamon, with homemade vanilla meringues. Yum!

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Wordless Wednesday : a day in Rimouski

At the end of July, we went to visit my family and some friends in my hometown, Rimouski. Are are the pictures I took on our first day there (the day I caught a horrible sunburn, the first in many years. Eeeek!)

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(not so) Wordless Wednesday : While in Versailles – Pause Macarons

When visiting Versailles, we decided to walk the distance from the Grand Trianon to the Petit Trianon. Close to the Petit Trianon, there was this charming place, where the historical building had been partly taken to install a souvenir shop and a small café. There we ate the most delicious macarons we had the chance to eat while in France.

As you can see, we were pigs. We took two of each kind, thinking we would bring back to the hotel what we didn’t eat.

Except, we ate them all. They were just too good. Our favorite : the dark chocolate-raspberry macaron.

We left with our belly full, ready to witness more history.

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Review : The Sweet Life in Paris

The Sweet Life in Paris by David Lebovitz
Pages : 260
Genre : Non-fiction, Memoir, Recipes
Stand alone
My Rating :

What it’s about :

Moving to Paris to build a new life, american pastry chef and cookbook author David Lebovitz realizes this is, indeed, a different life France has in store for him. Through memories and recipes, combined with good humor, the author shares his experience of adapting to a new culture.

My Thoughts :

One thing is for sure : when reading The Sweet Life in Paris, you’ll get hungry. Better stack a bunch of cookies and a good cup of coffee by your side for the trip!

From the simple “chocolate mousse” to the decadent “cinnamon meringue with espresso-caramel ice cream, chocolate sauce and candied almonds”, Lebovitz punctuates each chapter with delicious recipes. Most of them will put your sweet tooth in appetite, though there are also a few more meaty recipes to make sure you don’t overdose on sugar, such as “pork ribs” and “warm goat cheese salad”.


The recipes weren’t the only part of the book I enjoyed though. Lebovitz narration is honest and funny and takes you right into the Parisian life. I loved revisiting the city through his eyes, which was a much different point of view from the one of a tourist, like me a year ago (and hopefully, soon again!) It’s less about the architecture, the art, the landmarks, and more about the gastronomy and the cultural differences. Oh,and the language barrier, of course.

I do think the book could have been shortened a bit. Not that it was really long from the start, but because I found there was some repetition in the narration, and sometimes between the chapters.

Whether it’s because you want to experience a bit of the Parisian life, because you’re hungry for new recipes, because you love to travel and learn about other cultures, or simply because you already enjoy David Lebovitz’s amazing blog, The Sweet Life in Paris is a sweet way to feed both your heart and your stomach.

Wordless Wednesday : Sugar Overdose

Cookie inspiration : Becky Bakes

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