Read and Reviewed

* * * * Work in Progress * * * *

* * * * I am currently working on reorganizing this page, so many titles are currently missing. Hopefully I will get it done soon! * * * *

Here you can find reviews of specific books by consulting the following lists :

Alphabetically by Author

Alphabetically by Title

To find reviews by ratings, you can check the categories on the left sidebar; to find reviews by genres or other, you can take a look at the tags on the left sidebar.

2 responses to “Read and Reviewed”

  1. Emily and Her Little Pink Notes says :

    I love the fact that I can check reviews by rating, I always go straight to “5 stars” (much appreciated)
    And this new look for your blog it’s brilliant

    • kay says :

      He thanks! You know, when I go on a blog (especially for the first time), if there’s a classification available, I always go straight to the highest ones and lowest one to get an idea of who the blogger/reader is. Also, like you said, it’s the perfect way to get good reading recommendations!

      And thank you for the comment on the look. It was a lot of work but I’m glad I did it! 😀

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