About Kay

Hi! I’m Kay and I am a nerdy twenty-something French Canadian, currently working on a master’s degree in art history. As of now, February 2012, I have been running this blog for a little over three years.

The Infinite Shelf is my little corner to share everything about my passions. It started as a strictly book-related blog, but over time I have been adding more and more content about photography and knitting, too.

I buy more books than I can read, and despite the books piling on my desk and my shelves, I still have this fear in the back of my mind that I might someday  – oh horror! – run out of books. In order to prevent that, I gladly consider every reading suggestion I get! 😉

My love for books goes way far back in time, before I could even read. My mom used to fall asleep while reading, and in my desire to imitate her, I asked to go to bed with a book, too (yes, one of those spongy bath books with 5 pages and big drawings!) My mom certainly is responsible for my addiction.

Apart from the books, I live with two wonderful characters, who I will nickname here The Man of the House (a.k.a. the man who’s been sharing all of my ups and downs for 8 years now) and The Furry One (a.k.a., the cat). Although they don’t always understand my book addiction, they [usually] don’t complain about it.

8 responses to “About Kay”

  1. texasheartland says :

    I wanted to let you know that you have won the Literary Blogger Award from Texas Banter Book Reviews!


  2. softdrink says :

    I absolutely love your header!

  3. Nancy says :


  4. bucketlisting says :

    This blog fits me perfectly! I also have an obsession with reading and photography. Although, by no means would I ever consider myself a photographer. I look forward to reading more of your posts and book reviews! I’m trying to start a new blog about my bucket list and crossing items off, it’d be greatly appreciated if you would check it out sometime! Thanks! 🙂

  5. meicaa says :

    ahh.. you are nice.. its my first time i visit ur blog 🙂 im from indoesia. i love books too. love to erite somthing or everything on my mind 🙂 nice meeting u 🙂

  6. Richard P Roberts says :

    Hello. My name is Mark and I’m a poet and author myself currently working on a novel. I’m sure you have heard of this book by now,but I will make the suggestion anyway because I highly praise it! It is entitled “The Night Circus”. by Erin Morganstern
    Your really should check it out if you haven’t already. Good day!

  7. Torbillon says :

    I’m so glad to find another Canadian in the blog world. I am a Canadian living in the U.S.. Though I can not claim any french heritage I always wanted my name, JOlEEN, to be pronounced with a french accent. I thought it much more sophisticated. Sigh, no one ever complied.

    The main character in my book is a French Canadian from 1780. I’ve been delving into all kinds of history blogs and googling Agonquin Forest till my eyes swim. I’d love to have your serious input on anything that’s out of line as I write. My blog is an ongoing book project. I developed it so I can learn and hopefully earn a few friends along the way.

    I love your blog and will visit regularly for new book reads.

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