Rating System

The books I read and review here on the blog are all rated on the same scale of 0 to 5. Here is a short summary of what means what :

Though it seems really simple, rating books can be a difficult task. Numbers can hardly translate the emotions and opinions one can have while reading a book! So please do not take my ratings too seriously; they are more of a simple way to classify books between favorites and less favorites, but my reviews will always tell you more about the books than these simple little stars can.

I tend to be more generous than not with the books I review; I also recognize that, very often, the books I do not like simply weren’t for me. A book that puts me to sleep will certainly entertain another reader, and vice-versa! For this reason, I would consider that anything with a rating of 3 and up is something that I would recommend to other readers, with more of less enthusiasm of course! 🙂

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