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A Bookshelf for Everyone – 4

I’ve had great fun in the past making these lists of nice and original bookshelves, and they are still, today, some of my most viewed blog posts. My last of the genre dates back to 2010 (oh, how fast time flies!) and as I accumulated more and more pictures of shelves, I was itching to make another one. My recent addiction to Pinterest certainly helped that, so here we are! 🙂

You can find links to previous posts of the genre at the end of this post.

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Disaster Bookshelf by Victor Barish :

This one has an original look for sure! I just love the curve and the legs going down the wall.

* * *

Woodland Happy Tree Bookshelf by Graphicspacewood :

Such a cute bookshelf! If I had kids and the means, you can be sure I would have one of these! I love the bookends, but also the black hole at the top. I wonder what creature is hiding there? And while we’re at it, this etsy shop also sells the bookends individually, as well as other really nice wooden objects. Take a look! 🙂

* * *

Topple – the Rocking Shelf by Julian Appelius :

I really love this one : available both in black or white, and in high or low size, it combines a nice design while still allowing a lot of space for books. This being said, it is possibly dangerous for one’s toes, and I can only imagine the disaster it would cause if my cat decided to play on it!

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Bookshelf Industrial Pipe Corner Shelf by Stellableudesigns :

I love these – the second one in particular, the shape and the lights make it both practical and decorative.

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A reader’s dream house

If that’s not a reader’s dream house, I don’t know what is!

This is incredible. I’m not sure how practical it would be on a day-to-day basis, but for sure I’d take at least one room like this!

More pictures here 🙂

Wordless Wednesday – Shelf Cat

Our cat levitates and sleeps on the highest shelf of our bookcase. True story.

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A Bookshelf for Everyone, part 3

I still look for new bookshelves every other day, even though our apartment probably wouldn’t have the space to take most of the ones I fall in love with (I’m dreaming of a complete wall of shelves). I always come across some interesting designs, and although they’re rarely practical, I like to look at them.

Here are some I recently discovered :

It’s a seat – no! It’s a stairwell – no! It’s a bookcase – no! The Darwin Bookcase by Malin Källman is all this and more!  There’s even a space under to place a couch. I just love it! I have no idea where I would place this – it sounds more or less practical, in fact -but I want one anyway.

Here’s the Cabinet Chair from Ontwerpers (on the website you can see pictures of it in white, which is prettier, but for some reason it’s also photographed with a spider!?! I don’t know the language, so if any of you knows why there’s a spider, please tell me!) I look at it and I can only imagine the books falling on my head. Yikes! It can be practical if you don’t have much space though.

Book Chair by Elie Nehme and Mani Mani. This one looks nice. I like the design.

The Pack of Dogs bookcases by Proteak Products are cute but pricey. But hey, you can buy a pair and make them play together!

StairCase by Danny Kuo. What a nice solution to stack books up to the ceiling and get to them easily! This is one of the few designs I found that I could actually image in my home.

Made by Sloom en Slordig, this messy looking bookcase was apparently created with the idea that “each book deserves its own frame”. You buy each box separately and stack them as you wish, as messy looking as you want it. It’s fun, but again, not that practical – and also costly if you have many books!

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A Bookshelf for Everyone, part 2

One of my dreams is to have a huge, empty house I could fill only with bookshelves (and the books, of course!) Until that happens, I keep on dreaming and search the internet for the prettiest and funniest ideas!

I’ll start with one of the most surprising I’ve seen, the Martin’s Mule by ibride. Agreed, its shape wouldn’t be very practical for books, but it would certainly make your favorite books stand out in a room. Also, Ibride has  a very beautiful website with fantastic pictures of other weird animal-shelves combinations in a setting inspired by Alice. Go take a look!

Bloq.co.uk has some interesting designs that are both original and practical. Even though I’m not a huge fan of spiders, I quite like the Silk bookcase.

This bookshelf by Daniele Lago seems like the perfect one to stack romance novels! I’m not sure why they filled it with cleaning products (it’s probably one of the last things in the world I would want to decorate my house with!), but I like to imagine it filled with my favorite paperback novels.

Also by Daniele Lago, this one is one of my favorites. Like a tree loosing its leaves in the wind… love it!

This bookshelf by ScheefDesign looks like it’s about to fall over – which is already the state of my TBR pile anyway! At least, it looks pretty and it is somewhat stable.

This table-shelf by Minottiitalia looks great, too! The table’s legs have little shelves so you can really stack the books under there. Right now my TBR books are all on the table, having them under would make a nice change of scenery.

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A Bookshelf for Everyone

I would love to have a new bookcase for our living room, since the one we have there is old and fits nothing of our furniture. Since we all know that the Internet is the Source of All Knowledge (ahem!), I decided to look around for new shelves. I found some really interesting stuff – stuff that I couldn’t buy, of course, so let’s all dream together!

For the American patriotic reader, this bookshelf by Ron Arad is a must;

For the tree lover reader, the Wisdom Tree Shelf by Jordi Mila offers a cool, curvy place to hold the books. If you aren’t convince yet, read its description on the Jordi Mila’s website : I know I want one!

For the lazy reader (that’s me!), Sakura Adachi created a bookshelf that keeps you close to those you love :

For the Pyramid lover, this bookshelf by Fittingit could probably hold an eternity of reading (and there are smaller versions, too) :

For the coffee lover reader (that’s me, too!), ünal & böler mixed two good things in one with a coffee table that can carry books. Just don’t drop your cup on this one.

And finally, for the Cat lover reader (yup, me again!), here is a kitty creation by NEL named “Fill in the Cat”. To say I love that one is an understatement! And I strongly recommend you stop by the artist’s website, where you can admire more pictures of this piece :