Wordless Wednesday : “La Fermière” by Alfred Laliberté

La Fermière is a sculptural fountain realized by Alfred Laliberté in 1915, and located at the Marché Maisonneuve in Montreal. You can see the woman farmer on the top, young men struggling with animals at the center, and turtles splashing water all around. It is a most appropriate sculpture for the market 🙂

Photographed by me on July 17th.

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17 responses to “Wordless Wednesday : “La Fermière” by Alfred Laliberté”

  1. IHSAN says :

    wow, at first i thought the pictures were noisy, but in fact they are droplets of water in the air! nice photos!

  2. (Diane)BibliophileBytheSea says :

    Kay, these are gorgeous. I love different fountains anyways.

  3. zibilee says :

    These are lovely shots! Thanks for sharing them!

  4. BermudaOnion says :

    I love the mist in the air. Gorgeous photos!

  5. Pearlsa says :

    Love the sculpture

  6. caite@a lovely shore breeze says :

    all nice but I especially loved the second one, through the spray of water.

  7. Meg says :

    Incredible, Kay, as always! That second photo is probably my favorite. Love the composition.

  8. Lindsay says :

    These are beautiful pictures of a beautiful place!

  9. Amused says :

    Oh my goodness, these are breathtaking!

  10. Cass says :

    What beautiful photos! I could really go for a run in a fountain today with this terrible heat wave!

  11. kay says :

    Thank you all for such nice comments! Running through a fountain definitely sounded refreshing today! Ha! ❤

  12. Toni Yvonne says :

    These are simply stunning! What moments to capture
    you are very talented~!


  13. B.Held says :

    These are absolutely gorgeous!

  14. niceartlife says :

    Gorgeous photos! Stunning!

  15. Hannah says :

    You took these? 😮 So pretty!! I wish I had a camera that could take shots like that.

  16. Sarah says :

    I lived in Montreal for 11 years (1999 to 2010) and always thought of myself as a perpetual tourist in my own city…now I’m ashamed to say I have never seen this and it’s beautiful! It’s definitely going to be a must-see the next time I go back to visit friends.

    Also, hi! I’m a fellow book addict currently living in Gatineau and taking full advantage of Ottawa’s AMAZING library system. I’d take advantage of Gat’s, but je n’est parle le francais du tout!

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