Wordless Wednesday : Church in Winter

Christ Church on Ste-Catherine, Montreal, February 2011.

These pictures don’t show it, but the Church is located downtown, amid glass buildings and shops. It really stands out there, so even though I’m not a religious person, I love to admire it when we go by.

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11 responses to “Wordless Wednesday : Church in Winter”

  1. Tracy Z says :

    great photo, having lived in Toronto for the last 3 years, it’s a shame that I still haven’t been to Montreal. Your blog makes me want to visit!

  2. (Diane)BibliophileBytheSea says :

    I just love old churches (inside and out). Great photo.

  3. Amanda says :

    I know I’ve said it before but I’m always struck every time you post one of these pictures – you are a brilliant photographer!

  4. bermudaonion says :

    It is stunning! Can you imagine what it took to build that?

  5. Meg says :

    Too gorgeous! I love finding gems like this hidden in the midst of a modern, bustling city. It’s a reminder of what was… and what might be again. Beautiful, as always!

  6. Juju at Tales of Whimsy says :

    Wow. I love it. But then I adore churches. Comes from being raised Catholic I think 🙂

  7. Regina says :

    Beautiful church. Love Gothic churches.
    I think I’ve been her once.

  8. Kailana says :

    I always love the architecture of old churches. Great picture!

  9. Joline says :

    It’s gorgeous!!

  10. Ollie McKay's says :

    THAT is amazingly beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Ceri says :

    Absolutely gorgeous.

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