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Review : Lovestruck Summer

Lovestruck Summer by Melissa Walker
Pages : 272
Genre : YA, romance
Stand Alone
My Rating :

What it’s about :

Quinn is super excited by the prospect of spending the summer in Austin, working for Amalgam records, the company that produces her favorite group. There she plans on meeting the perfect boyfriend : she already has a clear portrait of what  he’ll look like and what kind of music he’ll love!

When she meets a very cute DJ, Quinn is sure she has found THE guy. Then why can’t she get Russ the frat-cowboy neighbor out of her head?

I’ll admit that, by looking quickly at the cover, I expected something very “young” and a bit silly. I was pleasantly surprised by Melissa Walker’s cute love story, which was a lot more “young adult” than “teen”. It was a very short read, but one I enjoyed.

This book is full of romance, summer and music. Quinn was a nice character, but she also had a beautiful transformation through the pages. It wasn’t exactly a sudden realization at the end of the story, but a more progressive one through the events. Quinn learns to know herself, but she also learns not to judge a book by its cover (ha-ha! Did you catch the irony with my previous comment on this book’s cover?)

I loved the characters surrounding Quinn, too. I’m especially thinking of Quinn’s cousin Penny, who was first described like a character that could be very annoying, but I loved how Walker wrote her more as funny and nice, rather than the typical bitchy-sorority-blond-girl.

If you enjoy a sunny, cute, entertaining, young adult summer romance story, Lovestruck Summer might be what you’re looking for!