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Artsy Shelf – 32 – Big Blue Eyes

Back in January, I featured on the Artsy Shelf covers with closeups, two of which inspired me today’s feature. It seems that blue eyes contrasted with a pale skin might be the perfect way to capture the readers’ attention.

There’s a definite resemblance between Russel Smith’s Girl Crazy and Lauren Grodstein’s A Friend of the Family, which is why in my mind I often confuse those two covers. I think A Friend of the Family is more effective as a cover, but Girl Crazy has a nice softness to it.

The colors on Infinite Days and Deadly Cool are very intense, which is probably a great way to stand out in a crowd of dark YA covers. I kind of like it because it’s a bit different, though not the most memorable covers.

Do these covers work for you, or do they miss the mark? Which one is your favorite?

Artsy Shelf – 31 – Intense Red

You all know how I love  pretty dresses on cover! And I have mentioned at least once before with the Artsy Shelf feature how much I love red dresses. Well it seems it’s a passion shared by the YA world, as many of the recent covers feature stunning dresses in dramatic settings and colors.

I have always felt the color evokes passion and intensity, and these covers do a great job of showcasing red as a strong, intense, dramatic color. Contrasted with grays, white or dark tones, put in movement by the swirls of a dress, it stands out beautifully. Everneath is my favorite, I think, though The Girl in the Steel Corset is also striking. I also love Juliet Immortal’s cover, with its beautiful sea landscape.

Do these covers evoke as much passion for you, or do they miss the mark? Which one is your favorite?

Artsy Shelf – 30 – Feels like Summer

The sunny days we had here this week inspired me. I can’t wait for summer to be officially here!

So I went and dug around my folders to find some summer inspired covers that made me feel like summer was here already. Here they are! 🙂

What I love about these covers : the light, the warm tones, the variety of greens, the casualness of the characters, how relax most of them feel. They make me want to take long walks with friends and with the Man of the House.

Dreams of Significant Girls by Cristina Garcia and The Summer Before Boys, by Nora Raleigh Baskin, are probably my favorites. The light, oh the light! Plus, running in a field, sitting by the sea? It reminds me of where I grew up, and the beautiful summers we had.

Do these covers make you feel like summer, too? Which one is your favorite?

Artsy Shelf – 29 – Lost at Sea

Walking by the sea or swimming through the waves, these covers present female characters in gorgeous sea settings.

I love all of these, in a way that, I think, isn’t rational. The colors are beautiful, the photography is great for most of them, too.

I love the detail of The Eternal Sea’s cover. It’s mysterious, we see just enough of the character and I love the skull cloud. The colors of Between the Sea and the Sky and Lost Voices are stunning! Love, love, love!

Does any of these covers work for you? Which one is your favorite?

Artsy Shelf – 28 – From the back

Back in July 2010 I featured some interesting covers presenting women with their hair tied in a bun, viewed from the back. This time around, I have a slightly similar theme, except that these do not all have their hair in a bun, but are viewed from the back too ;

Am I the only one who feels like featuring a woman from the back is just another way to put a character on a cover without showing too much of her face, like those numerous covers with headless people? There’s definitely a sensuality to it, too. Since i like covers who show me enough but leave place to my imagination, I’m okay with these. In fact, I like some of them a lot!

If I had to pick a favorite it would be among the first four, and The Peach Keeper would be the ultimate winner. The cover is dreamy, poetic, sensual, feminine. It’s one of those dangerous covers that makes my heart yells “WANT!” even though I have no idea what the book is about. I really need to read Sarah Addison Allen soon.

My second favorite would be Russian Winter (which, by the way, has many beautiful covers! My copy is all white with a touch of red, beautiful!) I like the simplicity, the subtle tones, the frame, the lettering, its elegance.

Sweet Venom has an interesting dynamic, there’s movement which makes the cover look less stiff than others.

Would you pick any of these books by their covers? Which one is your favorite?

Artsy Shelf – 27 – Closeup

One of the trends I’ve noticed in the last year, is a variety of closeup on covers, mostly in YA fiction but also in adult fiction.

I found enough to do this feature maybe four times, but in the end I picked some of my favorites :

It’s really difficult for me to pick a favorite because in the end, they all feel very similar. Also, I used not to like this kind of cover because it doesn’t let me imagine the characters. Now though, after seeing so many headless covers, it’s kind of refreshing – although, in some cases, a bit creepy.

I think Wintergirls would be my favorite, since the texture makes it different from the other ones. Firelight is also pretty, and I like how subtle are the dragon skin and the dragon eye. I read both of these books and feel these covers suit the stories.

I also really like A friend of the Family. The contrast between the clear skin, the red lips and the blue eye is striking, and the title, even though it’s huge, isn’t annoying for my eyes.

What do you think, fellow readers? Love, or hate? Would you pick one of these books if you caught them staring at you on a bookstore’s table, or would you run away scared?