Artsy Shelf – 36 – Serene Walk

We’re back to the serious stuff this week as I feature covers that I actually love.

It’s a theme I have kind of done before, with the Walking Away and Walking Away Together features.

This time, I picked covers with a similar composition – tiny figures walking in the distance – and similar tones. There’s something serene, peaceful, quiet in these covers – almost too quiet, I’d say.

I like them all, but The Man who Disappeared really gets my attention. I love the cover, the composition and the title placement.

Blood Red Road is very mysterious. The cover is almost bare but not in a boring way, making me wonder about the character without giving away answers.

Do you appreciate the soft tones and the quietness of these covers? Or do you prefer them with more punch, more drama?


6 responses to “Artsy Shelf – 36 – Serene Walk”

  1. BermudaOnion says :

    My favorites are Sister and The Man Who Disappeared. I’m not sure I like the green in Tell it to the Trees.

    • kay says :

      I’m not so sure either! The green dress with the red makes me thing of an olive – a walking olive. But I like other things on it, so Im fine! 🙂

  2. zibilee says :

    I also really like the cover for The Man Who Disappeared. You have an excellent eye for picking out these similar covers! Great post today!

  3. Amy @ My Friend Amy says :

    Beautiful covers! I really like The Man Who Disappeared as well.

  4. Meg says :

    I can dig the serenity in these covers! I think Natural Order is actually my favorite, though I’m also a fan of Tell It To The Trees.

  5. The Book Wurrm says :

    I love the lady’s sari in the Badami book. The two colours are amazing together but if the model was shot on location, she must have been freezing. Hehe. I wonder why most of the covers feature red as a major colour in books themed walking away.

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