Artsy Shelf – 35 – The Almost Kiss

I think the similarity between these covers is pretty obvious, right? 🙂

The Artsy Shelf is usually my sweet spot to feature covers I love or themes that always catch my eyes on book covers. I hope you’ll forgive me as this week, I am doing the opposite by featuring a trend not that I dislike, but I don’t really get.

I do kind of like the Forget You cover. The tones are sunny, summery and I’ve been missing the sun these days (something that rarely happens to me in the fall!) But the “almost kiss” feels more like a movie poster and except “Romance!”, they don’t really scream much to me. Without hating them, I don’t think I would pick them out in a store. Would you?

I do want to read some of these though, despite their covers 😛


11 responses to “Artsy Shelf – 35 – The Almost Kiss”

  1. The Book Wurrm says :

    I think I might like Forget You the best of them all. Almost kisses don’t really do it for me. They make me feel voyeuristic. Hehe.

  2. BermudaOnion says :

    Some of them look like they feature the same models. I always wonder if they feel goofy posing for things like that.

  3. Vasilly says :

    I think you are so right! These covers do feel more like movie posters. I think I would rather have the kiss than the almost kiss.

  4. Jessica Lawlor says :

    Wow…NOT THAT KIND OF GIRL and TEN THINGS look exactly the same! Kinda crazy.

  5. zibilee says :

    I am not really fond of these kissing covers, so I probably wouldn’t buy any of these books based on that alone. It’s funny to me how similar all of these are!

  6. Juju at Tales of Whimsy... says :

    I always love these.

    How about Across the Universe?

  7. avisannschild says :

    Wow, these are really similar! And no, I wouldn’t pick up any of these books based on their covers.

  8. alitareads says :

    Not a huge fan of the almost kiss, but I actually kind of like the cover for Winter Longing. I think it’s because of the park bench/moon, though, not the models 🙂

  9. avisannschild says :

    Just saw another cover that fits with your collection (and is coming out next year): First Comes Love by Katie Kacvinsky!

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