Review : Forever

Forever by Maggie Stiefvater
Pages : 386
Genre : YA, Romance, Werewolves
Series : The Wolfes of Mercy Fall, Book 3
My Rating :

What it’s about :

Sam used to be the wolf; now, it’s Grace’s turn to be one, and as a result they haven’t seen each other in a long while.

But the weather is changing, and Grace will soon get to be herself again. Before that though, Grace, Sam, Isabelle and Cole must find a way to save the wolves from being completely eliminated by the scared residents of Mercy Fall.

My Thoughts :

Forever clicked for me like the previous two books in the series hadn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed reading Shiver and Linger, of course, or I wouldn’t have continued with the series. But Forever tied Grace’s story perfectly, with great emotion and tension like only Stiefvater can do it.

I was less bothered by the multiple voices this time around, and I felt that I knew who was narrating the different parts of the story most of the time. Grace and Cole’s voices were the clearer to me, and though I enjoyed Isabelle’s character tremendously (I have since the beginnings, in fact), Sam still left me cold. I felt for the guy, and all he’s been through; but I thought his character was mostly there as a support for Grace and the wolves, rather than living his own story.

I also love the direction the author took with Grace’s parents. They have been less than good examples of parenting in the past, and they weren’t much more stellar in Forever. But at least though, I felt there was a part of resolution between Grace and her parents. Not a complete understanding, but a step forward for a future we won’t be witnesses to.

Once more, I also loved the slow pace of the story, the quietness of the scenes. There is little happening at times, but I love this different pacing that creates a different kind of tension. At first, you almost can’t feel it’s there, until everything ties up together in the end.

Though the characters are teenagers, and though it does translate in some of their actions, reading Forever didn’t make me feel like I’m reading YA literature. Stiefvater’s writing was as beautiful as it had been in her previous two novels. I rarely feel this, but I believe in this case the covers really correspond to the simplicity yet enchanting tone of the author’s voice. It’s amazing how, sometimes with so few words, she can express heartbreak and fear and love.

What a perfect ending to a great series! I can only hope other fans of the first two books will enjoy this one as much as I did.

Series Reading Order :

  1. Shiver
  2. Linger
  3. Forever

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6 responses to “Review : Forever”

  1. BermudaOnion says :

    I’m glad the series ends with a bang! I haven’t started it yet, but I’m eager to.

  2. fromheretoforever says :

    nice review! I loved the trilogy as well, and I’m so happy it ended the way it did. Stiefvater is just wonderful. And I totally agree, it didn’t feel like reading YA at all.

  3. zibilee says :

    I have heard others say that this was their favorite book in the series as well. I have the first two, and need to get cracking with them. I liked your review on this one, it was subtle, yet enthusiastic and elegant. Thanks!

  4. kay says :

    Kathy : It really does! I hope you enjoy it too when you get to it 🙂

    Fromheretoforever : I’m so happy to hear you loved it too! I agree, she is a wonderful author. I’ll be keeping my eye open for her next works!

    Zibilee : I’m really glad to hear I’m not the only one who loved it, since I have seen a few disappointed reviews. And thank you for your comment 🙂

  5. toothy says :

    this series is definitely on my need to be read list. i just haven’t gotten around to actually reading it yet. it’s good to see that it ended on such a high note though! it gives me something to look forward too.

  6. Therese says :

    A great review! You just said everything I felt about the book.

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