48h Book Challenge 2011 : I’m in!

48hbcIt’s back!

And I’m in again!

I wasn’t sure I would join this year, and I will probably to this even more casually than the two previous years, but I’m glad I can take this weekend to read, read, and read – especially since I haven’t been able to join Dewey’s read-a-thon for the last four times!

You can find all the rules and other participants at http://www.motherreader.com/, and sign up for the fun!

Things I won’t do for this challenge :

  • Skip sleeping completely
  • Skip eating
  • Skip showering
  • Skip caffeinating
  • Skip feeding the cat
  • Skip petting the cat
  • Anything that requires ignoring the cat. I care for my life.
  • Have any kind of social contact with “real” people (except for the Man, who feeds me. It’s polite to say “thanks” when you are handed food.)

Things I will do for this challenge :

  • Drink coffee
  • Read
  • Visit book blogs
  • Blog
  • Rince and repeat!

I will keep track of my reading with this simple chart :

  • Time Elapsed : 0h00
  • Time Reading : 0h00
  • Time Blogging :
  • Books Read : 
  • Pages Read : 0
  • Currently Reading : Enclave by Ann Aguirre

Since I am extremely poor right now, I won’t be giving money : instead, for each book I read, I’ll be giving 2 books to a local charitable organism, and I’ll round the total to the ten. So if I read 4 books, I should give 8, and I’ll round it up to 10. These will not be books that already are in the “give away” box, either. I’ll try to part with some books I enjoyed so they can be loved by new readers!

Did you join the fun, too? What are you planning on reading for the occasion?

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2 responses to “48h Book Challenge 2011 : I’m in!”

  1. iwriteinbooks says :

    That’s a great goal for donating books. A great alternative. I love it! Enjoy and good luck!

  2. Joy Weese Moll says :

    Donating books is a terrific way to be charitable during this challenge. Hope your reading is going well!

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