Review : Ponies

by Kij Johnson
Genre : Fantasy, Horror
Short Story
My Rating :

Where to read it?

On Tor’s website :

What it’s about :


My Thoughts :

This will be a really short review: in fact, if I’m writing this, it’s only because I wanted to share this awesome short story with you all.

I’m hoping the “fantasy” and “horror” tags won’t stand in your way, although it is a bit of a disturbing story.

Still, I can think of few stories that impacted me as much as Ponies did. It’s heartbreaking, and it’s been on my mind ever since I read it this week.

I’ve never been a fan of short stories, but sometimes I come across one like this that makes me appreciate them again. Even though it’s really short (maybe 2, 3 pages?), it packs a punch. The author did an amazing job to write such a fantastic story, so true to life, and in so few words. A powerful look into the workings of peer pressure, but also about the loss of imagination that comes with growing up. It made me incredibly sad, but powerful stories like Ponies remind me why I love reading so much.

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9 responses to “Review : Ponies”

  1. zibilee says :

    I have heard some pretty incredible things about this story, and I think it’s about time I tried to scope out my own copy. Thanks for igniting a fire under me regarding this. I am glad you enjoyed it!

  2. meltedpoo says :

    Wow…it’s actually good? I mean, with the title I would think this would flop. Okay. I’m reading this.

    • kay says :

      Let me know what you thought if you do read it! When I heard about it, from the title, I thought this would be something magical/fantastic/cute, but when I saw the picture for it and read it, I realized it was everything but!

  3. Ceri says :

    If something fits in to both the ‘horror’ and ‘fantasy’ categories, I’m there!

  4. Carol says :

    I loved this one too, in that “it devastated me” kind of way.

  5. Vasilly says :

    I read this story earlier this year and was so shocked by it, that I had to re-read it right away. Are you going to add Johnson’s The Fox Woman to your tbr list now?

  6. Vasilly says :

    I’m hoping to read it this summer. I know a few bloggers have read it and loved it like Chris from Stuff as Dreams Are Made Of and Nymeth from Things Mean a Lot both loved it.

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