Artsy Shelf – 18 – Walking away

There’s something mysterious about a character walking or running away : I can’t help bu wonder why, and where to?

I swear it was accidental that all the covers ended up being of similar colors, but I love seeing them together. The effect is nice, but they also look all different from each other.

My favorites, I think, are Secret Daughter and Extraordinary. I like Girls in Trucks, too, but my judgement is affected by the fact that I wasn’t impressed with the book itself.

Which one do you prefer? Have you read any of those?


13 responses to “Artsy Shelf – 18 – Walking away”

  1. sbooks says :

    Beautiful green covers! Extraordinary looks nice, but I havent read any of those.

  2. diane says :

    All are awesome covers. I am also looking forward to The Secret Daughter.

  3. bermudaonion says :

    It is strange that they’re similar in color and feel.

  4. avisannschild says :

    These are all great covers, but I think my favourite is The Scent of Rain and Lightening.

  5. Jacqueline C. says :

    I like Extraordinary best, but Pieces of Happily Ever After is very cute.

  6. Lex says :

    The color of the Secret Daughter is so peaceful. I am not a fan of green but this is one is calming. The Scent of Rain and Lightening is a good title too.

  7. Ceri says :

    I can’t pick a favourite. I agree, though. I love covers like this. They’re so mysterious and it instantly peaks your curiosity. ❤

  8. kiss a cloud says :

    My favourite covers would be Extraordinary and The Scent of Rain and Lightning. 😀

  9. toothy says :

    great collection of book covers. i really like the ‘extraordinary’ one and ‘girls in trucks’ stands out too.

  10. Meg says :

    They’re all gorgeous, but my vote has to go to Secret Daughter — and I’m dying to read the book, too!

  11. Rebecca:) says :

    All gorgeous covers yet again- with the mysterious backs turned! I love Extraordinary and Pieces of Happily Ever After.

    I have read Girls in Trucks. I gave it 3/5. I’m not that big into chick lit, but it was a pretty good book. It is very much about discovering yourself.

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