A Bookshelf for Everyone, part 3

I still look for new bookshelves every other day, even though our apartment probably wouldn’t have the space to take most of the ones I fall in love with (I’m dreaming of a complete wall of shelves). I always come across some interesting designs, and although they’re rarely practical, I like to look at them.

Here are some I recently discovered :

It’s a seat – no! It’s a stairwell – no! It’s a bookcase – no! The Darwin Bookcase by Malin Källman is all this and more!  There’s even a space under to place a couch. I just love it! I have no idea where I would place this – it sounds more or less practical, in fact -but I want one anyway.

Here’s the Cabinet Chair from Ontwerpers (on the website you can see pictures of it in white, which is prettier, but for some reason it’s also photographed with a spider!?! I don’t know the language, so if any of you knows why there’s a spider, please tell me!) I look at it and I can only imagine the books falling on my head. Yikes! It can be practical if you don’t have much space though.

Book Chair by Elie Nehme and Mani Mani. This one looks nice. I like the design.

The Pack of Dogs bookcases by Proteak Products are cute but pricey. But hey, you can buy a pair and make them play together!

StairCase by Danny Kuo. What a nice solution to stack books up to the ceiling and get to them easily! This is one of the few designs I found that I could actually image in my home.

Made by Sloom en Slordig, this messy looking bookcase was apparently created with the idea that “each book deserves its own frame”. You buy each box separately and stack them as you wish, as messy looking as you want it. It’s fun, but again, not that practical – and also costly if you have many books!

To enjoy more bookcases, take a look at the previous posts :

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10 responses to “A Bookshelf for Everyone, part 3”

  1. Juju says :

    These are SO fun 🙂

  2. bermudaonion says :

    I love the Staircase!

  3. diane says :

    OMG…too cool. The 1st one scares me; too high (i might fall off).

  4. Melissa says :

    I love the Stair Case. What a perfect idea. I hate the Cabinet Chair though. I’m so clumsy I would knock the books off constantly.

  5. Darlene says :

    These are so cool! I really like the one that looks like a chair and the stair case one.

  6. heidenkind says :

    Awesomesauce. I want that Darwin bookcase.

  7. Ceri says :

    Um, wow!! What awesome looking bookcases. I can’t even pick out one that I like more than the rest. 😀

  8. Christine says :

    These are really interesting. I like the first one- the Darwin Bookcase.. it kind of feels like if you sat on the couch, you’d be surrounded by the auras of all these great books. It’s a very exciting bookcase.. I think if I bought it I’d spend a lot of time just staring at it, comtemplating it’s coolness.

    On the other side, The messy bookcase one freaks me out… I like to see my books somewhat lined up.. I don’t know how I’d ever find anything and the dog ones are really cute, though not practical. I think they would be useful for coffee-table books only..

  9. Velvet says :

    fun post. what creative shelves!

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