Reading and Blogging resolutions for 2010!

Keeping in mind that I can’t keep resolutions, and that I already made some kind of plans for the year, here is what I’m hoping to accomplish this year on the reading & blogging front!

Blogging :

  • Anniversary : Coming by the end of the month, I’m planning to have a 2 weeks celebration, with a few giveaways and a few other things. That should be fun!
  • Updates :The Paper Brick Wall” and “The Read and Reviewed” pages haven’t been updated in forever, and I know I should remedy to that.
  • Review : I have over 20 books that I haven’t reviewed yet, mostly due to last semester’s end of term. I would also like to find ways to improve my reviews; if you have any constructive criticism, please share with me, here or per email!
  • Commenting : Comment more on your blogs, but also answer back more often to your comments on my blog!
  • Planning : Plan my posts and features in advance so that when the end of semester happens, I don’t simply disappear from the blogging world.

Reading :

  • Read more fiction versus YA fiction : I sense that the coming year will be fantasy, fiction and historical fiction, mostly, but I still have a lot of YA fiction sitting in my TBR pile. For this reason, I plan on doing a lot of YA reading in the first 3-4 months of the year to clear up this fraction of my TBR pile. Mainly, I have many series I already own a few books of but haven’t gotten around to read yet.
  • Art History reading : This year, I also plan to read Gomrich’s The Story of Art and/or Hugh Honour’s The World History of Art.
  • More International Fiction : A lot of my reading is american, and I would love to diversify this aspect of my reading with books written by international authors or books taking place in other countries.

Books to Read in 2010 :

  • To finish reading : Pride and Prejudice, Farenheit 451, Iron Kissed
  • To read : The Virgin Suicides, Revolutionary Road, Hate List, Nefertiti, Ice Song

Have you, like me, made plans for your reading and blogging life in 2010? Are there books you’ve been planning to finally read this year, of blogging tasks you feel ready to get done?

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11 responses to “Reading and Blogging resolutions for 2010!”

  1. Rhiannon Hart says :

    I was just thinking this morning about reading art history books–so many great stories are in paintings. Might get some ideas! The virgin suicides is such a great book. Happy new year!

  2. Nicole says :

    Great goals- good luck! I plan on reading To Kill A Mockingbird this year.

  3. Amanda says :

    First, I want to say that I like the way you do your reviews so I’m not sure what I could say to help you improve them. I don’t personally think about my reviews a lot – I just type what I feel like typing about the book that day. So I’m not the best judge. But i always feel that your reviews are personable, and I can hear your voice in them (well, a voice that I imagine is yours, technically, but you know what I mean). Which is good.

    Second, I know exactly what you mean by finding a balance between adult and ya fiction. I’m doing the same thing, except I’m going to be reading more classics because I’m not fond of most modern adult fiction.

  4. bermudaonion says :

    I love your drawing! You’ve made some great goals – good luck completing them!

  5. Staci says :

    I made a small list of resolutions and the main one is to read books from my shelves!! I liked reading your goals and I think they’re pretty realistic. I like planning out my posts because even though you’re busy and might not get to it something will be posting on your blog!!

    Loving your drawings too!! You are so very talented!

  6. Fyrefly says :

    All of them are good goals to have (and most that I share)! Good luck!

    I know next to nothing about art history, but I absolutely loved Victoria Finlay’s Colors: A Natural History of the Palette (enough so that I go around pushing it on people who haven’t even asked for reading suggestions!) 😛 I’d love to find something similarly accessible for the rest of art history, so I’ll be watching for your reviews.

  7. Karen says :

    I have made some reading plans for 2010 (I just can’t use the word ‘resolution”!). The one book that I do really want to read this year is “A Suitable Boy”.

  8. kay says :

    Rhiannon : I agree, that’s why I think I love paintings so much : like books, they tell some amazing stories while also leaving place for imagination. I can’t wait to read The Virgin Suicides, it seems I have been putting this off for so long.

    Nicole : Thank you! And good luck with your goal too!

    Amanda : Thank you! I’m glad you can “hear” me, as you say. I already know I want to try to get my writing of reviews better, but that’s something that can only come over time and work!
    Reading classics is a great goal, too. I think I’ll get to that in 2011!

    Kathy : Thank you so much! 😀

    Staci : Oh, I have that goal too! I definitely need to clear my shelves too. I wish you the best of luck with that!

    Fyrefly : Good luck to you too! I heard about that book, and I’ve been meaning to read it. But now I really want to! The books I plan on reading are huge books on art history, starting from antiquity, but in what I think is accessible. We’ll see if I still think so by then end of the year!

    Karen : I don’t like the word “resolution” either! I haven’t read A Suitable Boy, but I certainly hope you’ll enjoy it!

  9. Juju says :

    Best of luck. I totally dig your list.

  10. Amy @ My Friend Amy says :

    Love the picture!!! And great goals…good luck!

  11. Rebecca says :

    Our goals for 2010 are pretty similar! I want to do more commenting, planning, and updating on my blog as well. And I want to read more for fun this year. That is another big goal for me.

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