A Bookshelf for Everyone, part 2

One of my dreams is to have a huge, empty house I could fill only with bookshelves (and the books, of course!) Until that happens, I keep on dreaming and search the internet for the prettiest and funniest ideas!

I’ll start with one of the most surprising I’ve seen, the Martin’s Mule by ibride. Agreed, its shape wouldn’t be very practical for books, but it would certainly make your favorite books stand out in a room. Also, Ibride has  a very beautiful website with fantastic pictures of other weird animal-shelves combinations in a setting inspired by Alice. Go take a look!

Bloq.co.uk has some interesting designs that are both original and practical. Even though I’m not a huge fan of spiders, I quite like the Silk bookcase.

This bookshelf by Daniele Lago seems like the perfect one to stack romance novels! I’m not sure why they filled it with cleaning products (it’s probably one of the last things in the world I would want to decorate my house with!), but I like to imagine it filled with my favorite paperback novels.

Also by Daniele Lago, this one is one of my favorites. Like a tree loosing its leaves in the wind… love it!

This bookshelf by ScheefDesign looks like it’s about to fall over – which is already the state of my TBR pile anyway! At least, it looks pretty and it is somewhat stable.

This table-shelf by Minottiitalia looks great, too! The table’s legs have little shelves so you can really stack the books under there. Right now my TBR books are all on the table, having them under would make a nice change of scenery.

For more bookshelves, look at my previous “A Bookshelf for Everyone!” here!


16 responses to “A Bookshelf for Everyone, part 2”

  1. christina says :

    What a fantastic post! I can’t wait to return from work and peruse through the websites. I’m drooling already!

  2. Juju says :

    These are such fun.

  3. Amanda says :

    Those are really, really strange…

  4. bermudaonion says :

    I dream of having a house with a library in it!

  5. Steph says :

    The donkey one is DEFINITELY cool, though I think you’d need a very large room/house to appreciate that one. I think other than that, my favourite is the tree one – it would give any room great shelving AND a nice pop of colour!

  6. freda mans says :

    Some of them are actually cool!

  7. Bella says :

    Oh these are cool. I definitely like the tree one, might be handy in my house where I’m trying to keep my books out of toddlers reach!

  8. Rhiannon Hart says :

    These are amazing! I love the Silk one.

  9. Trish says :

    I LOVE that second one! It wouldn’t go well with my house but how cool. Love this post, Kay!

  10. Kate at Read This Book! says :

    Those are some really cool bookshelves. Mine are so plain and ordinary. Yuck. 😦

  11. Lenore says :

    The spider one is my favorite!

  12. uncertainprinciples says :

    I didn’t really like the table one, but the others look fantastic. I love the first one, specially, impractical as it may be.

  13. 3m says :

    Very interesting bookshelves! My favorite was Silk.

  14. heidenkind says :

    On a few of those bookshelves, I’d be worried about my books sliding off! But they do look nice. Wouldn’t it be a hoot to have a horse bookshelf?

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