Review : Never Cry Werewolf

Never Cry Werewolf by Heather Davis
Pages : 216
Genre : YA, Fantasy, Werewolves
My Rating : 

Shelby is a boy crazy teen in a terrible situation : her step-mom is constantly in her way and definitely trying to ruin her life. And so, when she is caught kissing a boy under the moonlight after curfew time, she is immediately sent to brat camp.

If there’s one thing Shelby doesn’t want, it’s to loose her summer in such a place. That is, until she meets beautiful, mysterious Austin Bridges III. Not only is his father a rock star, the guy also looks hot and is rumored to have a drug problem. Of course, Shelby can’t resist him : after all, isn’t trouble always looking for her?

Never Cry Werewolf was a fine, entertaining read; however, I felt like it could have been a really good book had it been about 100 pages longer. Davis’ writing has a good rhythm and really pulls you into the story, but the shortness of it made it really hard to connect with the characters. Also, I felt that a few scenes (and some of the most important) were really rushed, and sometimes I couldn’t understand the motivations behind the characters’ decisions.

As far as werewolves go, Austin wasn’t really an original one. Like most characters in the book, he lacked development and so I didn’t really get why Shelby was so into him, apart from the fact that he was cute. But why was she ready to risk so much for him? Why did she trust him so, when she barely new him? Maybe because she was just boy crazy?

This being said, I enjoyed the setting (maybe because I never really went to one, I really enjoy books set in summer camps!) and I thought Shelby was a good enough narrator. She was a little whiny but not too much, and you could see that she had some sense into her – she just didn’t always used it!

Overall, it was a nice book to escape daily life for a couple of hours, but not memorable or original enough for my taste. While it’s not a book I would go out of my way to recommend, it’s not a book I would “not recommend” either!

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5 responses to “Review : Never Cry Werewolf”

  1. Juju says :

    I can’t wait to read this.

  2. cutlex says :

    I noticed Kay that the books you lately reviewed and one of your currently readings are mostly vampires .. werewolves .. blood .. bites ..

    Just an observation. xPP

  3. kay says :

    Juju : I hope you enjoy it! 😀

    Cutlex : Yes, it’s true! I’ve always loved the genre, and although I read a lot of other things too, I often come back to the dangerous beasts that vampires and werewolves are!

  4. Ceri says :

    Great review. I recently read a book that I felt the same with – as though it could have gone on for much longer but didn’t. I’ve been unsure about reading this one. Lately I’m preferring werewolves to vamps so … maybe. 🙂

  5. Joanne says :

    I’d wondered how this one was, I think I’ll add it to my library list. I definitely like the idea of it being set at a “brat camp.”

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