Review : Chester and Chester’s Back!

I normally don’t review (or even read, for that matter) picture books, but then I stumbled on Chester at the bookstore and couldn’t resist! These two stories are short – about 30 pages each – but they are absolutely cute and hilarious!

Chester by Mélanie Watt Chester
Genre : For Kids and Cats
My Rating :

You see, it’s a mouse story told by the narrator, the author; except that Chester has a huge ego, and wants the story to be told HIS way. To make it so, he uses his huge red marker and corrects the story where it pleases him – or completely re-writes it when necessary.

Hey! A cat’s got to do what a cat’s got to do!

Chester’s Back! by Mélanie Watt Chester
Genre : For Kids and Cats
My Rating :

It’s not about big life lessons or teaching kids to brush their teeth – although Chester’s story doesn’t necessary turns well for him 😛 The plot is very thin, but the images are cute and easy on the eye. Most importantly, it’s fun! Even the dust jacket, the dedication and the author’s quick portrait have notes from the Very Important Chester. I read both books when I received them, and then the Man read them, and then friends came home and read them. They’re really good for the soul 😀Chester_1952_spr2

You might already be familiar with Mélanie Watt for her excellent series of Scaredy Squirrel. If you happen to pass by the children section of your favorite bookstore, stop by and take a look at Chester. He’s worth it!

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10 responses to “Review : Chester and Chester’s Back!”

  1. claire says :

    Ohhhh we love Chester in our house!! I planned to do a post on Melanie Watt but kept on stalling. ANyway, isn’t she amazing?? My kids LOOOvE her books, especially Scaredy Squirrel! They never get tired of reading or hearing them, sometimes picking them every night for weeks and weeks.

    • kay says :

      Yes, she is amazing! I real almost all of the Scaredy Squirrel in the bookstore the other day, except the last one I think; they’re amazing! I can see why kids would fall in love with them! You should absolutely make a post on Mélanie Watt 😀

  2. Heather says :

    Oh my gosh that is adorable! I’m adding that to my kids’ wishlist. Gorgeous!!

  3. justicejenniferreads says :

    Aww. These books look so adorable. I haven’t really read or looked at any children’s books since I was a babysitter – but seeing these just reminded me how fun and cute they can be!

  4. Megan says :

    I love it! If I had a little one to share these with, I’d be all over them! 🙂

  5. Kate at Read This Book! says :

    The books look so CUTE! I’d get it for my little cousin or something.

  6. alitareads says :

    Oh! These look so cute 🙂 They’d be a great Christmas present for my little nephew. Thanks for posting about them!

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