Sound Alike – 1 – Something Borrowed

Have you ever asked for a book of a specific title and ended up with the wrong one?

In a similar fashion to “The Artsy Shelf” and other covers’ look-alike features across the blogosphere, “Sound alike” will present books with similarities… but in their titles. Some books share incredibly similar names, and sometimes – gasp! – they’re exactly the same!

Mainly, it’s just a fun way to compare books to their “siblings” : how different can two stories be when they share a same title? Will they share the same ideas, or same covers? Who knows what great books we might discover along the way!

For instance :

When you’re looking for Something Borrowed, by Emily Griffin

Something BorrowedRachel is an attorney living in Manhattan who has always been the good girl-until her thirtieth birthday, when her best friend Darcy throws her a party. That night after too many drinks Rachel ends up in bed with Darcy’s fiance. Although she wakes up determined to put the one-night fling behind her, Rachel is horrified to discover that she has genuine feelings for him. As the September wedding date nears, Rachel has to choose. She discovers that the lines between right and wrong can be blurry, endings aren’t always neat, and sometimes you have to risk it all to win true happiness.

* * * *

You could end up with Something Borrowed, by Catherine Hapka

Something borrowed 2

When Ava gets dumped by her boyfriend, she’s pretty upset. He wasn’t the love of her life or anything, but with her sister’s wedding – a.k.a. the social event of the season – just two weeks away, Ava’s got to save face by finding someone cute and fun to bring as her date. With the clock ticking and no dates in sight, Ava asks her best friend if she can “borrow” her boyfriend, Jason, for the night. Ava’s never been a big Jason fan, but he’ll look great in a tux, and at least she’ll have someone to dance with. But Ava realizes she’s got him all wrong… What do you do when Mr. Right is wrapped up in a package that belongs to your best friend?

* * * *

Then again, maybe what you’re looking for is Something Borrowed, by Martina Reilly?

Something borrowed 3

Adopted as a baby, Vicky is now determined to trace her birth mother. Her family wish she would leave the past alone, which is just as well: Vicky is in danger of uncovering some shocking secrets. But, hoping that the past will help her determine the future, she sets out to find the truth.
And if that doesn’t cause friction enough, there’s trouble at work when a new face appears: Ed O’Neill, whom Vicky is convinced is being groomed for her job. The spark between them is instant – they can’t stand each other. Yet it’s a thin line between love and hate, and Vicky is learning that people aren’t always what they seem.

* * * *

Interesting Facts : Martina Reilly’s Something Borrowed also has a look-alike, as pointed out at She Reads and Reads. This could get confusing.

Have you read any of these titles? Which Something Borrowed is the more appealing to you? All three of them seem to have a storyline about falling for the “wrong” one. I only read Griffin’s one, and I loved with! It had a great storyline with an incredibly realistic view of relationships.


9 responses to “Sound Alike – 1 – Something Borrowed”

  1. bermudaonion says :

    What a fun feature! All of the books look pretty good, but the one by Martina Reilly appeals to me most.

  2. Sheila DeChantal (Bookjourney) says :

    I have seen that with the book Summer House…. there are several witht his title too.
    I agree with Kathy, this is a fun feature… 🙂

  3. avisannschild says :

    Thanks for mentioning my lookalike post, Kay! I also did a post on similar titles last year and have been planning to do another one soon! There are lots of soundalike titles out there.

  4. Marie says :

    nice 🙂 i haven’t read any of these but I think the 2nd one appeals to me the most. 🙂

  5. Staci says :

    I didn’t know there were so many out there with the same title!! I read the first one and loved it!

  6. Megan says :

    Fantastic idea for a series! I read (and loved) Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin; my sister just started it, too! I saved it for her… usually I just list my finished reads on BookMooch 🙂 I’m such a good sister!

    The last Something Borrowed by Martina Reilly sounds great — I love that push-and-pull/love-hate dynamic. Glad I saw that… it’s also going on the wishlist! 🙂

  7. Kim says :

    Very funny feature! My sister was recently looking for My Sister’s Keeper, and grabbed The Memory Keeper’s Daughter because she got the titles confused. That struck me as pretty amusing, since those are very different titles.

  8. Bookjourney says :

    YES! I think it was you! Thanks for letting me know! I am going to add this to my post about books with the same name.
    I hope you dont mind – I just loved the post you have done here and it is so true!

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