A Bookshelf for Everyone

I would love to have a new bookcase for our living room, since the one we have there is old and fits nothing of our furniture. Since we all know that the Internet is the Source of All Knowledge (ahem!), I decided to look around for new shelves. I found some really interesting stuff – stuff that I couldn’t buy, of course, so let’s all dream together!

For the American patriotic reader, this bookshelf by Ron Arad is a must;

For the tree lover reader, the Wisdom Tree Shelf by Jordi Mila offers a cool, curvy place to hold the books. If you aren’t convince yet, read its description on the Jordi Mila’s website : I know I want one!

For the lazy reader (that’s me!), Sakura Adachi created a bookshelf that keeps you close to those you love :

For the Pyramid lover, this bookshelf by Fittingit could probably hold an eternity of reading (and there are smaller versions, too) :

For the coffee lover reader (that’s me, too!), ünal & böler mixed two good things in one with a coffee table that can carry books. Just don’t drop your cup on this one.

And finally, for the Cat lover reader (yup, me again!), here is a kitty creation by NEL named “Fill in the Cat”. To say I love that one is an understatement! And I strongly recommend you stop by the artist’s website, where you can admire more pictures of this piece :


23 responses to “A Bookshelf for Everyone”

  1. J.T. Oldfield says :

    These are pretty sweet, though might be hard to organize!

    • kay says :

      Yes, they’re made for the eye more than for being practical! The coffee-table-shelf scares me, I’m too clumsy for this kind of thing! 😛

  2. Jo says :

    I love pretty much all of these, just not the cat one. Don’t get me wrong, it’s cute, but it’s not going to hold many books, and would take up too much room.

    Someone needs to get me the Wisdom Tree right now!

    • kay says :

      I agree with you – I LOVE the cat one, but it could never be my bookshelf. It’s too “decorative”! Although, on the artist’s website, you can see another part of same bookshelf when the holes are shaped more like books, so you could probably place more in this one.

  3. Amanda says :

    Very, very strange. I think that USA one is pretty impractical…

  4. Alex (a flight of minds) says :

    Oh wow. I love all of these shelves! My favourites are probably the Wisdom Tree and the the shelf for the Lazy Reader. The Wisdom Tree just looks so fun and quirky. I LOVE the chair in the last picture. It’s got a bird at the bottom! I’ve a recent obsession with bird silhouettes, probably something to do with the blog. 😛 All the shelves are so interesting, although tough to use…

  5. Vasilly says :

    The coffee lover reader is definitely my favorite!

  6. Bella says :

    They are all so awesome! I love the cat one.

  7. bermudaonion says :

    I love all of those shelves, but don’t think I’d like to put my books in the USA one, since they have to go kind of helter skelter.

  8. Jemima says :

    These are great! I like the Wisdom Tree best.

  9. Dawn says :

    I love the pyramid shelf! Cool design when empty, too (what?! an empty bookshelf … impossible!)

  10. christina says :

    Holy cow, those are all awesome! (Especially the lazy reader).

  11. Rebecca says :

    I’d like one of each, please!

  12. Nymeth says :

    Those are awesome! My favourites are the third one and the last one.

  13. Fyrefly says :

    Awww, poor little Rhode Island gets no books!

  14. Megan says :

    Wow — I’m really impressed with all of them! If I had a nice, wide open space, I would love the bookshelf shaped like the U.S. I’m sure I could fill that up in no time, but it would be fun trying to figure out combinations of books to fit each state, heh 🙂 Although I’m sure my OCD-ness would require me to place only books based in that state on that shelf. That could get complicated!

    • kay says :

      That’s so funny you mention that! I said the same thing! And then I thought : wouldn’t it be great to have a World Map Bookcase, with every book in its own country’s case? I think I would need a room just for that!

  15. Joanne says :

    I adore the Pyramid shelf! That would be so amazing instead of a wall of floor-to-ceiling shelves. It looks neat and easily organizable but the angles give it so much eye appeal.

  16. Debbie says :

    Wow, those shelves are awesome!

  17. Bookjourney says :

    LOVE the bookshelves! How fun! Thanks for posting these…. I am choosing the ones I would love to have right now…LOL

  18. Cristal Buenaventura says :

    I was wondering if any of this bookshelves are for sale? i would love to own one.

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