The Artsy Shelf – 2 – Let’s go Barefoot!

The weather is getting nicer, summer holidays are just around the corner. With long days of lazyness under the sun coming up soon (for the lucky ones, at least!), now seems like a good time for a summerish theme!

Here we go, barefoot!

Maybe you’re like me, and you don’t really like feet (okay, some are pretty, but some really aren’t!) Still, I managed to find some book covers on the theme – and even some I like!

Artsy Shelf - Barefoot

My favorite is definitely Lock and Key‘s one. It has a peaceful, quiet quality to it. My second choice would be Tempting Faith DiNapoli; the picture has a retro, nostalgic feel, and the title is clearly visible. I’m less in love with Playing away’s covert art; the picture is okay, but I find the title a little too agressive, harder to distinguish. What about you? Do you have a favorite among these? Or do you prefer feet when they’re well hidden in a pretty pair of shoes?


One response to “The Artsy Shelf – 2 – Let’s go Barefoot!”

  1. Megan says :

    I’ve actually read three of the six books! 🙂 Regarding the covers, I have to say I like Lock & Key best, too. The paperback cover is much prettier than the hardcover… though I like the pink dust jacket on the hardcover 🙂

    The cover art for A Summer Affair is so misleading, I think — it makes it look like a “beach read,” something fun and light. The feet in the sand, a woman on tip-toe to offer a kiss? The novel was really great — very poignant and readable — but it definitely wasn’t a “beach read” (though I did read it at the beach!). It’s funny how they market things!

    I like the cover for Pretty Face, too. You can tell just what the novel is about without glancing at the synopsis.

    Cool idea — I’m loving it! 🙂

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