Musing Mondays; the infamous TBR pile! (2)

This week’s Musing Mondays question (see more answers here) :

How many books (roughly) are in your tbr pile? Is this in increasing number or does it stay stable? Do you ever experience tbr anxiety in the face of this pile?

Oooh, the dreaded number!

West wall of TBR pile

Last time I tried counting the piles of books sitting on my desk, I stopped at 100. There were a few left to be counted, but knowing I had over a hundred books sitting there made me dizzy. Considering my reading speed, it would take me around 2 years reading them all! And that’s not counting the new books that will join those with time (I blame you for that, book-bloggers!) An untrained eye would think my TBR pile’s number is pretty stable, but in fact, it is getting bigger with subtlety. I read one, then buy two. I read two, I buy three! 

Here’s a picture I took of the West wall of the Paper Brick Wall, almost a month ago. The front pile has already gotten bigger by about five books since. The rest of the books are on my right, 4 piles on the edge of my desk, counting the biggest part of the complete TBR pile (around 80). 

Finally, as you’ll notice, I don’t really have a “system”; mostly, I just try to keep the piles stable. The last thing I want is to die crushed by a pile of books I haven’t read yet! 😛

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10 responses to “Musing Mondays; the infamous TBR pile! (2)”

  1. Rebecca says :

    I love your book wall 🙂 Looks oddly familiar really…

  2. caite says :

    I think it is common, that read one, buy two issue. At least many of us share our malady!

  3. Steph says :

    Hey, sometimes I read none and still buy a bunch… My TBR pile definitely keeps expanding. At this point, I’m not even going to try to count the books… I probably have more than I can read in 3 years!

  4. mizb17 says :

    LOL… And, here I sit thinking, “Oh, to be killed under a pile of books! What a way to die!” LOL. 😛 (yes, that’s morbid and weird, but occasionally I guess I’m a little nutty. LOL). Obsessed? Nah… what’s that?! LOL.


  5. Annabel Gaskell says :

    Oh sugar! I calculated my TBR mountain range (yes, it is that big) is 20 years worth. In my defence, I do like playing with my books as well as reading them …

  6. Megan says :

    I’m with you… all about stability! My piles have gotten so out of control, I’m seriously thinking about just donating a bunch of the books I haven’t even read yet… I know, crazy talk! But my novels are taking over my room and I’m starting to debate whether it’s just better to have some space back…

  7. jennygirl says :

    Books multiply like rabbits don’t they? Oh well, we could have worse habits 🙂

  8. kay says :

    Thank you for your feedback everyone! That’s what I like about discussions like this: it makes you feel less “alone” in your craziness 😛

    Jennygirl : Well said! They do multiply like rabbits. I’m even beginning to suspect that they do so when I’m not looking!

  9. nat @ book, line, and sinker says :

    i could, quite possibly, build an addition on my house with my ever-growing TBR pile. it would be lovely. either that, or i’m going to have to buy a bigger house to STORE all my tbrs.

    • kay says :

      Ha, I’m with you! When our upstairs neighbors moved out last month, I asked the Man of the House if we could rent it and make it “our” library. Surprisingly, he didn’t want to! Go figure! 😛

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