Newly Bought + Blog Updates!

My blog being fairly recent, few of you know me, and so few of you know how varied my taste in book is! I think this is fairly obvious if you look at the result of my most recent trip to the bookstore. And as insomnia is a good friend at this moment, I even took the time to make a nice little photo-montage for you (because it’s much funier than doing important things like, for instance, studying a stressful exam).

Before I dive into the new books on my desk though, let me take a moment to talk about the terrific updates (!!!!) I made to the blog this week. I’m really hoping to build a nice and comfy place for my reviews, but also for others to hang around like I hang around other blogger’s place (Is this only me, or does this sentence made absolutely no sense?)

  • The Paper Brick Wall page: you can find the link to this page in the top menu. Mostly, it consists of the books that are in my TBR pile on my desk, and are the most likely to be read soon. If you want to make a suggestion on which I should read first, or simply know more about my books, that’s the place!
  • The Read and Reviewed page: again, the link to this page is in the top menu. This is not complete yet, but I plan on filling it with the books I read and reviewed since I started this blog. If you see a book on the list that has been read but not reviewed and you would like to know more about, please feel free to ask.
  • The Contact and Info page: link is at the top menu too. You can email me, suggest a book, etc.
  • Other random changes: a cleaner version of my “star system” rating on the side; categories and tags widgets have been added; more blogs on the blogroll!

This is only the beginning; if you have ideas, comments, suggestions, please feel free to do so! Now, let’s talk about the most recent books to have joined the “Paper Brick Wall” this week! Here they are, in their glorious covers. We have;

Newly Bought!– a book for kids made into a movie I have yet to see, by a master storyteller (Coraline by Nail Gaiman);
– a pink chiklit recently highly recommended by Meg, and that I intend to read to relax in between two exams (Something Borrowed by Emily Griffin);
– a rencent best seller with a cool title (The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga);
– an historical fiction located in ancient Rome (The Virgin’s Tale by Sherri Smith);
– and finally,  certainly the one I’m most curious about, a zombie love story (Breathers by S.G. Browne). I wish I could sit, and read and read and read all week until I’m through all the new books (and those previously bought).
My TBR pile is like a teenager; growing, and growing fast!

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5 responses to “Newly Bought + Blog Updates!”

  1. Megan says :

    Hope you love Something Borrowed as much as I did! It was such a fun ride 🙂 And that is a really awesome book photo!

  2. nat @ book, line, and sinker says :

    your tbr mountain threatens to cut you off from any social life whatsoever!!!! i only have 19 books in my pile…hee hee.

  3. Steph says :

    I read Something Borrowed a few years back, and while it is totally chick lit, I really enjoyed it as a fluffy read. I was impressed at the author’s prowess in being able to take a morally reprehensible situation and make you root for the main character anyway. That takes some doing.

    I also have The White Tiger in my TBR pile, though given that I borrowed it from the school library (and therefore have until May or something ridiculous) before I need to return it, I probably won’t get to it any time soon.

    It looks like you have some great reading ahead of you!

  4. kittykay says :

    Megan > Thank you! I had fun making the photo (and reading the book, I just finished it! Should post review this weekend!)

    Nat > 19!! What’s your secret? Please tell me!

    Steph > The characters profile are amazing, I agree with you! I just finished it was amazed by how much I loved them no matter what. And you have White Tiger until May? Lucky! Here my library only lets you borrow books for 3 weeks. You can renew, but still…

  5. Steph says :

    The public library is a 3 week period, but I got White Tiger through the school library, which has a much lengthier borrow period (unless, ironically, you borrow a book housed in the “leisure” section… then it’s only 2 weeks!).

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