Cover Madness

I fell in love with The Thirteenth Tale‘s cover when I first saw it in store, a while ago, when it was still new and nobody I asked to knew what it was about.

Since then, it has reached a certain level of popularity and most people, if they haven’t read it, have at least heard of it. Reviews have been written, time has passed, the book went from hard cover to paperback and still, I didn’t own my copy.

Last weekend I went to the used books bookstore, thinking I wouldn’t find anything else new when, on the floor in a box, I saw the side of a book titled The Thirteenth Tale. I took it in my hands, frowned; that was not the cover I knew and loved! Still, I wanted to read the book; it was a large paperback, which are usually my favorites, and it was only 5$. After a few moments of putting the book back in the box, taking it in my hands again, putting it back in the box, etc. I decided to bring it back home.


Only today, we went to the bookstore, and they had a sale. 

I hate sales. They sell all those great books I’ve been wanting to read for so long and then I have to make a choice and I can’t make a choice so I end up ruined. It happends every time! And amids all the other great books, was The Thirteenth Tale, all new and in hard cover and with the cover I love. This book looks great in hard cover. Really.

Which means I now have two copies of a same book I haven’t even read yet. It’s Emma all over again! (I have 3 copies of Emma, and I have yet to read it). I just hope I’ll love it. Maybe I’ll giveaway the paperback copy?

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3 responses to “Cover Madness”

  1. claire says :

    This just happened to me, too! I didn’t read this book for a long time, even if I wanted to, as I was waiting for a used copy. And then after over a year, decided to just go ahead and borrow from the library. Loved it. So then after that I saw a paperback copy in the used bookstore. And then, saw the new hardcover at a bargain price at a chain store! I didn’t buy the hardcover but really want to!

  2. claire says :

    PS. I was thinking of giving away my paperback, too, so I can have an excuse to buy the hardcover, lol. Ah, decisions, decisions.

  3. kittykay says :

    Haha! Glad to see I’m not the only one in this situation! Plus, it seems it always happens this way: either the book you’re looking for is available nowhere, either you find it everywhere.

    I think giving away your paperback justifies buying the hardcover one! 😛

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